7 Wedding Cake Trends That Will Be All the Rage in 2022

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Every new wedding season brings with it exciting trends. Perhaps the tastiest of all these trends is wedding cake fads. Mmm! Just the idea is enough to tingle those tastebuds and make your mouth water. Let’s review some of the hottest wedding cake trends for 2022 that can take the cake portion of your special day from boring and traditional to delectable and unforgettable.


1.   Impressionist Inspiration

There’s a growing trend of “artistic” cakes that embrace the visions of Impressionist painters, giving cakes an undeniably unique and intriguing element. Generally, these cakes feature a somewhat neutral frosting canvas on which cake designers will create any variety of Impressionist styles including three-dimensional shapes, elegant brushstrokes, delicate floral patterns, and anything else in the vein of Claude Monet.


2.   Bold Designs

Gone are the days of timid, milquetoast, and downright boring wedding cakes. Now is the time for unconventional, out-of-the-box designs that make guests gawk and other brides-to-be fume with jealousy. Whether that’s an unorthodox design, an eye-catching color, or not even a cake at all, 2022 is the perfect time for bold designs. So, let loose, have fun, and find a cake designer who’s up for the task.


3.   Individual Mini-Cakes

Over the past few years, individual serving themes have been at the forefront of wedding cake design – a trend expected to carry well into 2022 as it embraced less as a necessity and more of a convenience. Whether you opt for cupcakes, pastries, or miniature cakes, you’ll give your guests more options while cutting down the time between the iconic cake cutting ceremony and chow time.


4.   Separate Tier Themes

Wedding cakes traditionally come in many layers, so tiers are nothing new. But instead of filling in this space with cake, modern designs leave this area hollow with pillars supporting the layers instead. This gives brides and grooms more freedom to choose what goes “inside” the cake. Some couples choose fruit and florals while others might go with something more personal such as meaningful photos. The separated tiers also allow for different kinds of cake so you don’t have to settle on a single flavor.


5.   Floral Alternatives

The current floral shortage isn’t expected to cease in 2022, forcing cake designers to get creative by supplementing this classic wedding cake adornment with viable alternatives. Pressed florals and sugar flowers are expected to make a big comeback in the coming year. If you’re going for a more elegant look, pressed florals add an attractive pop of color. On the other hand, sugar flowers can create a dynamic texture without distracting too much from the main design.


6.   Personalized Cookies

Personalized cookie cakes are no longer reserved for grade school events or childhood birthday parties. Professionals are already seeing increased interest and expect the trend to continue throughout 2022. Cookie cakes are being used both in lieu of a traditional wedding cake and as party favors. They’re a great way to add a personal touch while meeting a strict budget. Plus, everybody loves cookies!


7.   Dessert Tables

If having the entire wedding party gather around to watch you cut into a cake sounds more like torture than a fun wedding tradition, consider having a dessert table instead. This popular alternative takes the pressure off couples while offering more options for guests. Whether you want to have a fondue setup, chocolate lovers station, ice cream buffets, or a vast array of miniature pies, the options are endless. Just make sure to pair with a creative and dynamic vendor who can pull it off.




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