How to Handle the Flower and Paper Shortages Plaguing the Wedding Industry

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Everyone’s heard about supply chain issues over the past year. Unfortunately, these shortages are starting to impact weddings too. To make matters worse, the entire industry is experiencing a boom from postponed weddings on top of an already busy year.

Don’t worry! Your dream wedding dress and delicious wedding cake are safe! Instead, the shortages are actually impacting paper and flowers. That might not sound like a big deal, but you’ll start feeling the effect when wedding planning commences.


Here, we’ll review some insider tips for overcoming this small hiccup to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch.


Trust your florist and decorator.

You hired your florist and decorator for a reason, right? Hopefully, because you thought they were the perfect person for the job! When you have a talented, visionary, and experienced vendor on your team, you shouldn’t waste any time worrying about what specifics are available.

With paper and floral shortages, trust is going to go a long way in planning an amazing wedding. Try not to get too caught up in a specific cardstock or a particular kind of flower. Instead, let your florist and decorator put their creativity and innovation to work. You’ll be blown away by what they can create with limited resources.


Don’t get caught up in the details.

When you’re enjoying your wedding, you won’t give a second thought to the type of flowers used in the bouquet or adorning tables at the reception. The same is true for the kind of paper you use for place cards or wedding invitations. It won’t cross your mind when you’re in the moment.

It’s easy to get so overwhelmed with the minutiae when planning a wedding that you forget to focus on what really matters: how it all comes together. When dealing with a limited number of decorative options, try to focus more on the bigger picture and the overall impact of the individual elements. After all, this is what you, your fiance, and your guests will notice the most.


Consider flower alternatives.

Fake flowers conjure images of tacky, kitsch, and downright ugly weddings that we all enjoy poking fun at. In reality, artificial flowers have made some excellent strides over the past few years earning these floral alternatives legitimate consideration as a design element.

Instead of going all-or-nothing, the key is to weave artificial flowers into a more complex and dynamic wedding design. It’s virtually impossible to distinguish imitations from the real thing when they’re mixed together in bouquets, garlands, centerpieces, and corsages. It’s time for this radioactive wedding design element to make its way back into the mainstream…in moderation, of course!


Give yourself plenty of time.

A lot of the shortages currently impacting the industry are due to time extensions rather than stock issues. In other words, you can probably get what you need as long as you’re willing to wait. Realistically, you’re not going to postpone your entire wedding just to wait for something to arrive.

However, ordering early enough could mean the difference between getting exactly what you wanted and settling for an alternative. Make sure to get time estimates for all of your flower and paper options to gain an accurate idea of how long everything will take.


Let your creativity flourish.

Necessity is the mother of wedding planning genius. One of the reasons paper and florals are getting hit so hard during this booming wedding season is because of their widespread popularity. These wedding staples have been a dependable go-to for decades. If you’re up for the task, you could take this scarcity as a challenge to think outside of the box and push the creative envelope.

Maybe you want to use fairy lights and bell jars in lieu of flower centerpieces. Or maybe you prefer to use a custom newspaper to invite your guests instead of relying on standard cardstock invitations. When you, your fiance, and your wedding vendors put your heads together, you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with.



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