How to Interact With Your Guests While Still Enjoying Your Wedding

A young bride, groom and other guests dancing and singing on a wedding receptionIt takes a considerable amount of time and energy to make your way around an entire reception area and personally greet and thank each person in attendance. As much as you want to offer your gratitude to the guests, you also want the time and energy to enjoy your wedding day. Many couples end up feeling like they have to decide between the two when trying to fulfill this obligation. Before you consider avoiding guest interaction altogether, you should think about ways in which both of these goals can be accomplished. Here are some ways to interact with your guests while still enjoying your wedding.


Divide the responsibility in half.

If you’re dealing with a large number of guests, you may not have enough time to walk around to every attendee as a couple to offer your thanks while still enjoying your ceremony. When you feel short on time, you can always divide the load in half with your significant other. Although guests might prefer to be greeted by the couple together, having interaction with the bride or groom alone is better than nothing. Also, this can provide newlyweds with enough time to enjoy the ceremony. If you choose to split the room in half, the bride and groom should mingle with their respective in-laws and their families. This interaction is much more personal and meaningful for the family in attendance.


Let them come to you.

There’s no steadfast rule in wedding ceremony etiquette that says the bride and groom have to walk around to every table when interacting with guests. While this is definitely a normal and efficient approach to thanking all of the people at a ceremony, it isn’t the only solution. You can always set aside some time during the reception where guests are free to come by and say hello. It’s safe to assume that they want to offer their congratulations as much as you want to offer your thanks. Instead of rushing around to each guest and making it harder for attendees to find you, you could sit at a table for an hour or so towards the end of the ceremony and allow guests to come to you.


Take some time to eat and drink.

Your big day is bound to have some stress and anxiety involved. This is especially true if you’re struggling to fill some newlywed duties like mingling with all of the guests. Many couples make the mistake of forgoing a meal in order to accomplish this goal. All of the time you gain from this choice will be overshadowed by a feeling of lethargy. If you want to enjoy your wedding, it’s imperative that you take the time to get something to eat and drink. This will give you the energy needed to make it around to your guests without leaving you with a feeling of complete exhaustion.


Have an organized plan of attack.

Wedding ceremonies can be hectic when everyone is walking around, dancing, and talking to each other. Although these are signs of an entertaining reception, it also makes it much more difficult for couples to make their rounds and interact with the guests. Having an organized plan of attack is a great way to ensure that you fulfill the duty of mingling with guests without destroying your wedding. Ideally, you can knock out a majority of this interaction when your guests are sitting. This makes it easier to reach all of your attendees in an organized manner without accidentally skipping anybody. You can wait until dinner or dessert is being served and choose the quickest route to reach every table.


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