Questions That Should Be Asked When Visiting a Wedding Venue

wedding cakeBefore you can start sending out invitations, you have to decide on a place to host your wedding and ceremony. Unless you’re deadset on a particular location, you’ll probably be visiting a handful of potential options. While the standard tour will provide you with a basic amount of information, you should always supplement this with some clarifications of your own. After all, every couple will be looking for something a little different from a host. Here are some important questions that should be asked when visiting a wedding venue.


How much does the venue cost with all accompanying fees?

Nobody wants to make their wedding day all about money, but it’s still one of the most important factors to consider while planning. As the venue will comprise a large portion of the budget, you’ll definitely want to factor this in early on before additional costs start adding up. You also don’t want to waste time considering a venue that’s out of your price range. When asking for cost details, make sure to ask about any additional fees. Some providers will charge extra per head or on certain days of the year.


Do you offer any special discounts?

In addition to asking for the complete price for a venue, it’s also helpful to ask for any special discounts or offers. Some wedding venues may offer discounted prices during certain times of the year that are less busy. Others may have special rates for couples who choose to go with their catering service. If you’re bringing a considerable amount of guests, you could also ask if the venue offers a certain percentage off based on the number of attendees. Even if you don’t see any discounts posted, it doesn’t mean a wedding venue won’t be willing to offer some. It can never hurt to ask.


How many guests can be accommodated?

Once you’ve established that the venue is within your price range, it’s critical to ensure that it can accommodate your tentative guest list. Of course, at this stage in the planning process, you won’t know the exact number of guests attending the ceremony. However, it is helpful to have a rough estimate in order to determine if the wedding venue will be large enough. With this information, you’ll know whether you need to continue looking for venues or reduce your guest list.


Are there any venue-specific rules?

Every venue will be different and may have specific rules regarding the ceremonies they host. If the venue is used to hosting weddings, it’s safe to assume that you won’t run into any problems. But it’s always smart to err on the side of caution and ask if the venue has any unique rules. Some places may have noise restrictions due to their location, and others may require you to use their catering service. Either way, you’ll want to understand each venue’s rules and requirements in order to make an informed decision.


How much space is there for caterers?

It’s one thing for a venue to have enough room to accommodate all of the dining, dancing, and general wandering that guests will be doing. But it’s just as important that a wedding venue has sufficient space for caterers, cooks, and servers. The entire catering operation usually requires a kitchen, a preparation area, and a storage area. If you’re already settled on a caterer, you can always ask about their space requirements to determine if the venue’s space will suffice.


Do you have any photos or videos from prior receptions?

When you’re touring a potential wedding venue, it can be difficult to envision what the space will look like on your special day. You’re most likely going to see the rooms empty without any furniture or decoration. In order to get a better idea of how your wedding may look at the venue, you should ask the hosts for pictures or videos from prior ceremonies. Even though your wedding won’t be identical to another person’s, it’s much easier to picture how your ceremony will look with some reference points.


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