The Best Pieces of Jewelry to Match Your Wedding Dress

Bridal ShowYou’ve spent months searching for the perfect wedding gown. After squeezing into countless dresses, visiting bridal shops near and far, and even giving online stores a try, you’ve finally found the perfect match. It’s the wedding dress of your dreams, and you can’t wait to wear it on your special day. In order to complete the ensemble, you’ll need some adornments that will help to compliment the dress and highlight some of its strongest features. Here are some of the best pieces of jewelry to match your wedding dress.


Bridal Tiara

Ever since you were young, you’ve envisioned a picturesque wedding that resembled something you would read in an enchanting novel. You can bring your special day even closer to a real-life fairytale with a bridal tiara. Not only is this piece of jewelry a great match for a majority of wedding gowns, but it will also complete your look as a princess. Most bridal tiaras will be simple in design as to not distract from the dress itself. There are varying specifications and shapes, but you will most likely find ones that resemble a subtler version of what a royal may wear. Bridal tiaras are typically silver in material and color with diamonds riddled throughout. There won’t be a stray eye in the room when you walk down the aisle with this glimmering and bold piece. You can even find wedding veils that attach to bridal tiaras if you’re interested in wearing one.


Elegant Necklace

There’s something subtle, yet elegant about wearing a beautiful necklace with a wedding dress. While more traditional dresses cover up the upper chest and neck area, modern designs have a more open concept that often reveals a good portion of the neck and shoulders. Many brides opt to wear a glistening necklace to help complete the entire look. As onlookers gaze at your ensemble, the necklace acts as a good transition piece in between your gown and veil or hairpiece. When choosing a necklace to match your wedding dress, it can be helpful to find motifs and patterns that run throughout the design of the gown. As necklaces vary greatly in their contours, shape, and overall design, you should be able to find a pattern that compliments the unique dress that you’ve chosen.


Statement Earrings

Earrings are another excellent choice of jewelry to compliment your wedding dress. While a subtle pair will do the trick, you may want to go with more of a statement piece when pairing earrings with your wedding dress. Even the most subtle gowns have a refined elegance in design. In order to match the style and grace of your gown, you’ll need to choose earrings that can hold their own. Many brides choose to have silver or diamond stud earrings for their wedding day. Others will prefer to have dangly earrings with unique inlays and designs. It’s important to make sure that these earrings stand out enough as to not get lost in the rest of the outfit while remaining discreet enough to not cause a distraction. 



If you don’t like the idea of wearing a veil, then you should consider wearing a hairpiece of some sort. While hairpieces you use on a daily basis are fragile and made of plastic, there are special adornments made specifically for wedding days that will fit perfectly with your dress. In addition to their elegant look, they also serve the practical purpose of keeping your hair styled and out of the way. If you’re really going for a clean and stylish look, you could even wear a headband for your wedding. Again, these pieces are real jewelry and not the things you’re used to wearing on a daily basis. They will be made from silver, titanium, or some other precious metal with adorning diamonds or other stones.


If you’re looking for some tips the best pieces of jewelry to match your wedding dress, you should consider attending the Boise Bridal Show to see what the industry’s leading vendors have to offer. Feel free to visit the upcoming events page for information on attending the next show.