Unique Wedding Ideas You’ve Never Heard About


With 2.5 million weddings performed across the US each year, it can be tough to plan a  ceremony that stand out among the crowd. Anyone who has been to more than one wedding quickly recognizes some common elements that seem to permeate each event. Although there are certainly some standard components which will always remain, it’s refreshing to attend a wedding that throws in something unexpected to make the day truly special. It’s all about thinking outside the box and entertaining ideas that other brides wouldn’t. Let’s take a look at some unique wedding ideas you’ve never heard about.


Offer a “pre-game” cocktail before the reception.

Receptions are supposed to be the party portion of the wedding where people let loose, dance, and have a drink or two (or three). Unfortunately, it takes a while to coax some guests out of their shells. Getting people to the dance floor can feel like pulling teeth. To jumpstart the fun, consider offering guests a “pre-game” drink immediately following the ceremony and before the reception. By the time the lights dim and the Electric Slide comes on, friends and family will already be in the mood to groove.


Hire a flair bartender or mixologist.

Bars are an untapped source of entertainment and excitement just waiting to be taken advantage of. While alcohol is a guaranteed favorite among guests, open bars are only scratching the surface. Mixologists or flair bartenders are unique spins on a wedding classic that are sure to get guests involved. Cocktail companies can put together a personalized drink menu tailored to the theme of your wedding and handle the serving component as well. If you’re looking for something a little more eye-catching, a flair bartender can transform that line for drinks into a captivated audience by performing a complicated routine with each order.


Opt for food trucks in lieu of more traditional options.

Food trucks have taken over the foodie scene, and they’ve set their sightss on the wedding industry. If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional “sit-down and wait” style of eating, consider hiring a caravan of food trucks to feed your hungry guests. Instead of being rushed by a strict schedule, the reception will feel much more natural and relaxed as guests can eat when they want. You’ll also have a greater variety of choices without a higher price tag. The average cost of a food truck is between  $10 and $25 per head, depending on the type of food. Not bad considering the steep cost of most caterers.


Host a miniature dance contest.

Guests are always a little hesitant to shake their tail feathers at the reception. Group dances help alleviate some of the pressure, but there’s only so many times you can hear the Chicken Dance before going crazy. Hosting a dance contest is a creative alternative to encourage guests to take to the dance floor without resorting to clichés. Make sure to have a grand prize for the winner to really get people motivated. Something simple like a Starbucks gift card or bag of candy should suffice. You can rely on audience cheers to gauge the winners.


Prepare some hangover kits.

If all goes well at your wedding, guests should be waking up the next morning with a minor headache. To help encourage a swift recovery, consider making hangover kits for attendees to take home after the night’s festivities. No need to go overboard with the contents. Just throw in some helpful items to show your appreciation. Sunglasses, a bottle of water, ibuprofen, makeup remover, and some minty gum should do the trick.


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