Visiting a Wedding Show? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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Planning a wedding isn’t easy. And that’s an understatement. Luckily, there’s probably a wedding show being hosted in your area!


What is the purpose of a wedding show?

Wedding shows are exciting, energetic, and enjoyable events where brides and grooms-to-be gather to gain some inspiration, insights, and concrete plans for their special day. Vendors set up fun stalls to feature their offerings where attendees can learn more about what they offer and whether it’s a good match for their dream wedding. It’s an excellent opportunity for couples to get far in their planning in a relatively short amount of time.


How to make the most of a wedding show.


Buy tickets early.

If you thought wedding venues filled up quickly, you obviously haven’t been to a wedding show before. These events fill up rapidly as brides and grooms-to-be swarm to stake their claim with highly sought-after vendors. Many wedding expos only happen once per year, so you’ll need to get your tickets as soon as they’re available.


Pro Tip: Ask the event host if early release tickets are available. If not, mark down the exact date the tickets go live and have your quickest clicker finger ready to go.


Wear comfortable shoes.

There’s no strict dress code for wedding shows, but it’s common practice to wear what makes you feel good. Groups who wear matching “Bride Tribe” tees seem to have the most fun! You’re most likely going to do a lot of walking so comfort is a must, especially when it comes to footwear.If you’re tempted to sport your newest heels or dress shoes, ignore the urge. Trust us! You (and your feet) will be thankful.


Bring the right people.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to take your fiancé to a wedding show. But keep in mind that your “plus one” can make or break the experience. You should only take someone you’re confident will share in your enthusiasm and mission which is to plan the perfect wedding. That could be your mom, sister, best friend, or maybe even your mother-in-law. Can’t choose? Grab a few extra tickets and bring the whole crew! Just make sure to stick to your plan.


Document with your phone.

The whole point of attending a wedding show is to gain inspiration, clarity, and support when planning your wedding. With endless stalls and dozens of vendors, it’s going to get difficult to keep track of everything. Unless you have a photographic memory, you’ll need to keep track of everything that piques your interest. Snapping photos of business cards, contact information, and names is the best option. Don’t forget about that drop-dead-gorgeous dress, those mouth-watering cupcakes, and the vendor you instantly fell in love with.


Keep an open mind.

Many brides come to wedding expos fully prepared with years of experience planning their special day. It’s easy to come into the event with a strict idea of what you want and how everything is going to look. Although it’s important to have goals for the wedding show, you also want to keep an open mind. With dozens of unique vendors, delicious tastings, and interactive stalls, you never know what’s going to catch your attention. Keeping an eye out for the unexpected might just make your special day that much more special.


Plan your time carefully.

Wedding shows usually run for at least a few hours which seems like more than enough time to make your rounds to all of the exhibits and vendors. But when you’re in the moment, overflowing with excitement, and scurrying around a sea of couples, those hours are going to feel more like minutes. Planning your time beforehand can make sure you make the most out of this meaningful opportunity. Highlight the main things you want to see, hit those first in order of priority, and spend the rest of your time looking at anything that catches your attention.



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