6 Things You Should Do Immediately After Getting Engaged

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Woohoo! You’re engaged! It was everything you hoped it to be and so much more! In the flurry of emotions that follow this perfect day, it’s tough to get a grip on what to do next. All of a sudden, the feelings of excitement and elation are overshadowed by anxiety and uncertainty. When will you get married? What kind of dress should you wear? Who will get invited and who won’t? Woah…take a deep breath. Follow this 6 step checklist after you’re engaged to get things going in the right direction without the stress.


1.  Take a second to enjoy it.

Don’t dive into active mode right after the question is popped. Take the time you need to really experience the moment. You only get one engagement (hopefully!) so you have to make it count. Cherish the feelings, the emotions, the connection. You don’t want the special day to get overshadowed by a lousy to-do list. Give yourself at least an entire day to basque in the elation of being engaged. Everything else can be handled later.


2.  Tell your loved ones.

When you’ve taken enough time to enjoy your engagement day, it’s time to let the world know! Before you shout it from the rooftops by sharing the post online or updating your profile, it’s important to speak with your closest friends and family first. If you’re in town, sharing the news in person is so much more meaningful. However, Skype and FaceTime work perfectly if you had a destination engagement or live away from your loved ones. Once your parents, grandparents, siblings, and best friends know, you can open the floodgates to tell anyone and everyone about your engagement.


3.  Get the ring sized correctly.

It’s tough to pick out a ring that fits perfectly, especially when you’re not there to try it on! But it’s definitely worth the surprise. When you have a free day after all of the initial enthusiasm dwindles ever so slightly, it’s crucial to get the ring sized correctly. You don’t want the ring to cut off your circulation or, maybe even worse, accidentally slip off. Fitting a ring doesn’t take more than an hour or so and will provide you with a lifetime of comfort and dazzling appreciation for that stunning rock!


4.  Plan an engagement party.

Now that you’re engaged, you have an excuse to throw a party for anything and everything! All kidding aside, being with friends and family is one of the best ways to celebrate such a personal and meaningful event. Try not to get too stressed out by the planning and organizing. The last thing you want is to have the engagement party detract from your excitement and happiness. Feel free to keep things low-key and uncomplicated, and take help if it’s offered!


5.  Choose a date and venue.

Now, it’s time to make some of the most difficult decisions of your life: setting a wedding date and venue. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s not uncommon for couples to get caught up on these choices. But the quicker you can settle on a date and location, the easier it is to plan everything else. Spring and summer are the most popular seasons although autumn weddings are quickly becoming a thing too! When it comes to choosing a venue, think about places that are meaningful to you and your groom-to-be. It could be a park, local church, beach, or anything else. The most thing is that it makes you happy.


6.  Sign up for a wedding expo.

At this point, you’ve created a strong foundation for your special day. You already know when and where you want to tie the knot, your engagement ring fits like a glove, and all your loved ones are sharing in your excitement. Next on the docket is all the intricate planning that will make your dream wedding come true. But don’t worry! You don’t have to do it alone. Attending a wedding expo will get you in touch with the highly talented vendors who blur the lines between fairytale and real life.


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